The problem and the solution

BAMS addresses the total management of an organization rather than a fragmented facet of performance

The Problem:

In the world of certifications and compliance there are number of problems.

  • Problem 1 – Organisations need to provide ISO certification to service the public sector – It is a common trend at the moment for the organisations they would be required to certified in order to take projects for the public sector. The supply chain is required now more and more to get ISO certifications.
  • Problem 2 – High cost is an existing barrier to undertake audits and maintain certification – It is possible for many organisations to seek such a solution. But is some cases the high costs are a barrier for obtaining such a certification.
  • Problem 3 – Companies will have to fast forward from compliance to assurance – Many of the companies aknowledge that the compliance is not enough to them. So they need to move to assurance and how to do this? The main focus here is the risk that they need to fast forward to this. The process  is not easy but now it is possible.
  • Problem 4 – Inaccurate, outdated ana time consuming asset management model – especially in time of COVID it is a major problem in terms of certification, that has to be done remotely.
  • Problem 5 – A remote ISO certification process needs to be considered.

The Solution:

Could it be there a solution to resolve all these problems? The good news is that there is. This solution is now in our hands. It is called BAMS – Business Assurance Management System!

This system could be procured directly or this system could be procured from the  Crown Commercial Services.

BAMS is built in a SaaS (Software as a Service) model. It could be run from the office, from home or from different locations.

BAMS is not just Document Retrieval System or Document Management System although it has all the facilities to do this, but also it is a Business Assurance Management System because by using the controls BAMS also creates a level of Risk management.

BAMS is a fully built Asset Management System. Assets are all Resources that add value for the organization: PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PLANT, PROCESS.

PROCESS: Critical systems and processes

PEOPLE: Competent and compliant

PLANT: Buildings and Equipment

PRODUCT: Goods and Services

Bams is the future

Ready to get started?

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