Practical BAMS

  • Login in BAMS with еmail and password.
  • A Dashboard displays a general overview of assets, renewal information, level of confidentiality, and audit readiness. Displayed are the last activity related to assets as well as all that has to be checked, reviewed or changed.
  • When a change takes place to asset information contained within one file, it might have a critical impact on asset information held within other files and folders.  e.g. The change made on the company Legal Register will have a critical impact concerning asset information held within the Asset Register
  • BAMS consists of company details and sample documents (displayed in Company and Templates Sections).
  • The management of asset information within the system is performed mainly by the module Documents in which users can organize documentation according to specific requirements.
  • Files are uploaded through the Add File Button. Every file uploaded in BAMS can always be edited. When uploading or editing a file, a new window opens. The pop-up window consists of a lever of security, File History, versions, and criteria set up.
  • You can choose which user to be responsible for the file maintenance or update.
  • All information related to the organization’s asset information can be labelled with a certain level of confidentiality (Confidential Commercial, Confidential Personal, Highly Confidential, etc.). After choosing the criteria then information about the revision date and last revision date is displayed.
  • Depending on the level of risk for each asset information, there are two options available – Critical and Significant Characteristics.
  • Most important in file management is the option to choose criteria. All criteria are related to the requirements set at the time of BAMS implementation into the company.

  • Alarm notifications are very beneficial as they are keeping track and providing a reminder when a change in asset information within files needs to take place. according to the set requirements.
  • Automatic reminders are generated to the assigned person 14 days before the expiration. 7 days before expiration, reminders are automated for the assigned person and their supervisor.
  • Token-based is a criterion where the person assigning the document has specifically indicated the requested information and when assigned, it should be filled by as many people as needed.
  • eSignature gives the possibility of an electronic sign that all users have provided by BAMS.
  • The Audit Log system gives the possibility to overview all actions executed about certain operations (user, date, company, etc.).
  • Auditing and Reports icons are a gateway to monitor the state of the documentation regarding the fulfilment of the set organisation and ISO requirements.

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