What is a Business Assurance Management System (BAMS)?

Benefits of BAMS

  • Total business government compliance and assurance system. (BAMS is compliant with the Government)
  • Comprehensive asset management.
  • G-Cloud Government approved.
  • Self-Certification and internal auditing. – It will help the companies to be self-certified.
  • Verification and validation of people and assets.
  • Moves from sample auditing to a holistic auditing.
  • Drives continuous improvement.
  • System controlled and people driven.

Benefits of remote certification auditing

  • Greatly reduces or eliminates the need for travel in conducting an audit.
  • Provide unique certification solution during Covid-19.
  • Provides a direct connection to data, without physically moving it.
  • Protects classified information during the audit process.
  • Incorporates cost savings by using an open source solution.
  • Produces accuracy and timeliness of results.
  • Enables one open source tool to replace proprietary systems.

More additional features of BAMS

  • TIME EFFICIENCY – a reminder sends an email of upcoming action. If a manager is in charge of several companies, he/she can check everyone with one account.
  • PLANNING EFFICIENCY – BAMS enables the users to see which files they are responsible for (apart from the files that require action), and thus plans their work better.
  • FLEXIBILITY – The administrator has the right to change the user responsible for a specific file.
  • ISO READY DOCUMENTS – Each document in the system receive a unique code, which is also written in it – uploaded files are ISO ready.
  • PREVIOUS VERSIONS – The system keeps all previous versions of a document that can be downloaded for review, if necessary.
  • AUDIT LOG – The system offers an audit log for all actions performed by users in the organization.

Bams is the future

Ready to get started?

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