Case Study 1

One of our clients, an IT company, which provides maintenance for the computer networks in the UK contacted us. They were looking for a software solution, which would help them cope with the problems their company was facing, such as:

  • The management wasn’t sure if the company complies with the different laws because it is outsourcing most of its services and needs to comply with the legislation of different countries.
  • Management wasn’t sure if all the contracts with clients and suppliers are reviewed and updated regularly.
  • Employees, which are working in different offices, or off-site, do not always have access to all policies, procedures, work instructions and archives.
  • The essence of the work requires creating two types of incident protocols – one for the clients of the company and one for incidents inside the company.

After the company purchased BAMS, they uploaded all the company documentation and soon after that the management noticed the following improvements:

  • All employees received their account to access BAMS, which gave them access to all the company documentation because now it’s all in one place.
  • A month after they started using BAMS, an internal audit took place for the ISO 27001. Despite the lockdown during the pandemic, the auditor had remote access to all company documents, which are needed for the audit, without him being in the way or interrupting the employees. This made the audit much easier and saved lots of time.
  • For each document uploaded in BAMS, there is a document owner assigned. Thanks to the ability of BAMS to remind document owners of any call of action, the whole documentation was updated on time. Following this, the management gained confidence, because the company follows all the criteria inside BAMS.
  • Regarding Incident management – All incident protocols are uploaded to one place. All responsible employees have access to them. Thanks to that, the possibility of an accident occurring with a different client was prevented.
  • As soon as they started using BAMS, all contracts with clients and suppliers were updated on time.

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