Fast Forward form compliance to assurance

Create an universal business assurance management system tool

Why we say Fast Forward from Compliance to Assurance?  It is something that is now necessity. To keep the companies going to be very much competitive.

BAMS delivers business assurance in addition to compliance by procuring risk management and improves governance controls. One of the main documents, entered into the BAMS is Statement of Applicability.

Many of the companies need to simplify their certification, want to optimize their resources and not just to be compliant but they want to be this assurance that whatever is done within the System it is really implemented.

The system does an ongoing (permanent) audit of the organization’s readiness for certification. Once an account has been created, the auditors may at any time monitor and verify the organization’s documents that are being audited. Their access level corresponds to their obligations – they cannot edit the documents; they can only review them.

Bams is the future

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