Security by design

BAMS empowers holistic change and risk assessment

BAMS has got a Security by Design. It is built on a Microsoft Server sitting on a Microsoft platform.
BAMS is hosted and encrypted in the UK on fully certified ISO 27001 facilities.
BAMS includes Artificial intelligence, which allows the System to have active learning and then suggest different exits from particular situations.

BAMS has many features built inside:

  • Single source software platform to maintain asset line of sight;
  • Systems – Wide Software as a Service (SaaS) Model
  • Risk assessment and advanced incident warning system
  • Accessible locally and from Cloud
  • Built-in remote certification functionality
  • Papers operations as part of the digitalization process
  • Agile (Agility by Design)
  • Prevents cross contamination
  • Drives cross-pollination

The System is built to the high cyber security standards in the UK. It is hosted and encrypted in the UK and also includes Artificial Intelligence, which allows the system to have active learning and then suggests different exits from particular situations:

  • ASSUMPTIONS: The system is trained and makes assumptions based on previously uploaded files for criticality, classification level and document type.
  • NOTIFICATIONS: If no actions have been performed on a document according to the specified criteria, the system automatically notifies 3 levels by e-mail (the responsible person, their direct manager and the owner)
  • SELF-ADJUSTMENTS: In case of systematic non-compliance by the user with the deadline for acting on a specific document, the system is trained to automatically adjust the duration of the prior initial notification for the future.

Bams is the future

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