Asset Management and BAMS

What is good Asset Management?

BAMS is a fully built Asset Management System. Assets are all Resources that add value to the organization: PEOPLE, PRODUCT, PLANT, PROCESS.

PROCESS: Critical systems and processes

PEOPLE: Competent and compliant

PLANT: Buildings and Equipment

PRODUCT: Goods and Services

BAMS is a cost-effective and comprehensive asset management system that provides traceability and assurance that your business processes meet the requirements of all necessary ISO Standards within one easy-to-use system.

BAMS provides an ISO 55001 framework to implement a robust asset management system, regardless of the size or complexity of the organization.

BAMS manages critical and significant assets and prevents unplanned and premature failures.

BAMS allocates responsibilities, accountabilities and controls to maintain the asset line of the site.

BAMS implements a central reliability maintenance system and removes reactive maintenance.

BAMS reduces life cycle maintenance costs, increases safety culture and drives better efficiencies of the assets.

The built-in Asset Management System in BAMS allows for closely monitoring all the assets and the performance of the assets based on the client’s criteria.

The following standards are included in the BAMS software and auditing:  ISO 9002:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2017, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 22301:2019, ISO 2600:2020.

Bams is the future

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